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A trip to Istanbul is the first thing that comes to our minds when listening to the word Turkey.

Full of ancient monuments, vibrant cities, oriental tastes and a mosaic of civilizations, the neighboring country gives us many reasons for unforgettable escapes. The legendary Istanbul, one of the most populated cities in the world, is synonymous with Ayia Sofia, the local cuisine and the vibrant lifestyle. Enjoy a cruise in Bosporus, visit the Prince’s islands and introduce yourself to the delicious local gastronomy.

Apart from Istanbul, you should definitely visit Cappadocia, the country of beautiful horses, in central Turkey, the ancient city of Ephesus that is a breath away from Kusadasi, and the famous cotton castles in Pamukkale.

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5 reasons to travel to Turkey

  • The church of Agia Sophia in Istanbul is undoubtedly a great reason for a trip to Turkey, if you wish to travel back to the glorious times of the Byzantium.


  • Visit the whitewashed Pamukkale, which literally means “Cotton Castles” in the province of Denizli, at the southwest Turkey, to walk barefoot in the natural pools with thermal waters.


  • The underground cities of Cappadocia, the balloon ride over the lunar landscape and the view from the impressive Goreme valley make up an experience that will remain forever etched in your memory.


  • Ancient Ephesus, one of the most important Ionic cities in Asia Minor, is one of the most impressive open-air museums in the world and is dedicated to the goddess Artemis.


  • Taste the mouthwatering Turkish gastronomy, famous for its intense spices, delightful sweets and warm salep.


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