ταξίδι στη Μάλτα


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Medieval atmosphere, colorful alleys, aquamarine waters and a capital that exudes history in every corner. A trip to Malta travels you back in time. Every step you take in Valletta takes you closer to the shadows of the Knights of St. John and the Wise Men of the Round Table.

Visit the enchanting islet of Gozo, just like a modern Odysseus, to be enchanted not only by Calypso, but also by the beauty of the landscape. Take a tour to the famous Three Cities where you will admire the magnificent view of Valletta and explore the fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

Choose one of the organized trips in Malta and make your dream trip come true on the Mediterranean island.

5 reasons to travel to Malta

  • Valletta is one of the smallest capital cities in the world that concentrates the most historic monuments in its alleys.


  • Enjoy a boat tour to the famous “Blue Window” or “Azure Window” on the islet of Gozo.


  • Marsaxlokk, famous for the local boats called luzzu, derives its name from the Arabic and the Maltese languages and means Sirocco wind.


  • The silent state of Mdina is fortified in a castle and was the capital of the island in the Middle Ages.


  • Maltese cuisine is famous for its fresh fish and seafood, but also for a mouthwatering combination of Arabic and Mediterranean flavors.


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