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From New York to California and from Alaska to Hawaii, the United States of America compose of 50 states of unique beauty, alternating landscapes and amazing experiences.

New York

The navel of the earth, the city that never sleeps. Meet the legendary New York, the most photographed city in the world. Discover the dreamy capital of the world and explore the neighborhoods of Manhattan.

Niagara Falls

A miracle of nature protected by the two US and Canadian countries in order to keep it unchanged for future generations. Thousands of years ago, the Niagara falls were created by glaciers as well as small and large lakes between Canada and the USA.

Washington DC

The capital of the United States impress visitors with its majestic and tranquil power.

Las Vegas

The most popular and largest city in the state of Nevada, known as the capital of the entertainment of the world. The city with the largest casino hotels, built in the middle of the desert just to attract tourists and hunters of the goddess of fortune.

Los Angeles

The famous city of Angels where everything can happen. The myth of Hollywood and the magic of cinema are alive.

San Francisco

The city whose charm enchants, on the edge of a peninsula next to the Pacific Ocean and the homonymous bay. Europeans compare it with their homeland, while New Yorkers feel at home.


5 reasons to travel to the USA

  • Manhattan is an island, caressed by 3 rivers and the harbor of New York.


  • The Hollywood sign is an American landmark that overlooks Los Angeles, the city of Mickey Mouse.


  • Niagara Falls are the most powerful waterfalls in North America. The view from the Skylon Tower is breathtaking!


  • The Golden Gate hanging bridge is considered one of the modern wonders of the world by the American Civil Engineering Society.


  • Orlando Florida is famous for its theme parks such as Disneyworld and Universal Studios Orlando!


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